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Who are we?

About Maritime Concrete Lifting Inc.

Maritime Concrete Lifting Inc. is a division of Strong Bond Coatings Inc., a company that has been providing epoxy concrete floor coatings in Atlantic Canada since 2016. With our team's vast experience working with concrete, it was a natural next step for us to get into the concrete lifting and levelling industry. We provide service to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Maritimes.
We specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting, also known as foam jacking or slab jacking. This innovative concrete lifting and levelling method has proven to be the ideal way to lift sunken and settled concrete slabs and is the best alternative to mudjacking. Polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly, durable and long-lasting; it can support concrete slabs for lifetimes without harming the environment! Our lifting and levelling process is fast and efficient. In most cases, the lifted area can be used that same day! With so many benefits, it's easy to see why more and more property owners are choosing foam jacking over mudjacking and concrete replacement.
Concrete settlement is a common problem in Atlantic Canada, especially during the winter months when the ground freezes and expands. If the concrete slabs on your property show signs of sinking settling due to this phenomenon, we can lift them back up to their original height with our HMI-certified polyurethane foam, so they are safe for use again! Our experienced technicians are here to help you with any size project! We can lift everything from small residential walkways, driveways, or garage floors to large commercial parking lots and warehouses. If you have sunken and settled slabs on your property, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting Inc. today!

Polyurethane Sidewalk Lifting