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Winter Concrete Maintenance Tips for Maritime Properties: Protecting Your Concrete Surfaces in Atlantic Canada

Winter Concrete Maintenance Tips for Maritime Properties: Protecting Your Concrete Surfaces in Atlantic Canada

Winter is well on its way in Atlantic Canada. While it creates a picturesque winter wonderland just in time for Christmas, the impact on concrete surfaces can be challenging. When the snow eventually melts, excess moisture can seep into and under concrete slabs, causing them to sink and settle. Proper winter concrete maintenance is crucial, and the experts at Maritime Concrete Lifting have compiled a list of tips to help your concrete withstand the winter season. Read on to learn how to protect your property!

Why is Winter Concrete Maintenance Important in The Maritimes?

Concrete, renowned for its durability, requires proper care and maintenance, a necessity amplified during the unforgiving winter months in Atlantic Canada. With the region experiencing abundant moisture during this season, the porous nature of concrete becomes a vulnerability, accelerating the deterioration process when exposed to freezing water. The freezing phenomenon doesn't just pose a surface-level threat; it extends beneath, creating voids beneath the slabs. These voids, if left unaddressed, contribute to sinking and settling issues that can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Implementing a winter maintenance routine is essential to safeguard against such challenges. These proactive measures not only shield your concrete surfaces from the immediate impacts of the season but also serve as a preemptive investment, sparing you the inconvenience of expensive repairs and expenses when spring arrives.

Remove Snow and Ice Promptly

Shovelling snow might be a bit inconvenient, but it's a simple way to safeguard your concrete slabs in The Maritimes. Regular snow removal prevents concrete spalling, which can progress to more severe issues like cracking and breaking. Leaving snow and ice on surfaces increases the likelihood of damage. Aside from preserving your concrete, removing snow and ice enhances safety for property users. This ultimately keeps you safe from potential liability issues and saves you money on concrete replacement costs.

Avoid Chemical De-icers on Concrete Surfaces

Using chemical de-icers, calcium chloride, or rock salt on concrete is not advisable. Salts with calcium, magnesium, and potassium can cause flaking and scaling, leading to significant damage over time. Chemical de-icers also contain ingredients that harm concrete structurally and can impact the environment if they seep into the soil. Opt for safer alternatives like sand or gravel to maintain the safety of your concrete surfaces during winter.

Remove Salt Deposits From Your Concrete Slabs

Even if you don't use salt directly, it can find its way onto your concrete surfaces through slush created by melting. To prevent damage, promptly remove salt deposits using a pressure washer or, if unavailable, a stiff bristle brush and warm water. Though labour-intensive, this effort is worthwhile to preserve your concrete slabs.

Check Your Drainage and Downspouts

Proper drainage is crucial during the winter thaw. Ensure downspouts are directed away from your foundation and concrete slabs to prevent meltwater from causing sinking, settling, and cracking. Maintaining a flow away from your concrete surfaces helps protect them from potential damage.

Maritime Concrete Lifting Can Assist With Your Concrete Lifting Needs in Atlantic Canada

Winter can take a toll on concrete, making maintenance vital. If you observe cracks or signs of wear on your concrete slabs, addressing them promptly can prevent further deterioration. While concrete maintenance may seem demanding, it extends the life of your slabs. If you notice sinking and settling concrete on your property in Atlantic Canada, Maritime Concrete Lifting is here to help! We offer concrete lifting and levelling services to homeowners and businesses throughout The Maritimes. Contact us today for a lift!