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Local: 1 (506) 889-0088Toll-Free: 1-844-543-8123 (LIFT-123)

Concrete Levelling - Commercial Sidewalks

Reduce liability risks. 

Have you noticed that your commercial sidewalks or walkways look a little worse for wear? Are the cracks and uneven surfaces detracting from the curb appeal of your commercial property and creating tripping hazards? If so, you should have them lifted and levelled as soon as possible!

As a commercial property owner, you are responsible for the sidewalks and walkways on your property. If they are sinking and settling, they don't just bring down your curb appeal—they can be dangerous for customers and employees. It is important to fix this issue quickly to ensure people can access your business safely and reduce liability risks. Fixing sunken and settled commercial sidewalks will also protect your property from water infiltration, which can lead to various issues, including mould growth, structural damage, foundation failure, and flooding. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the best way to lift and level sunken and settled commercial sidewalks.

Polyurethane concrete lifting is an innovative and cost-effective way to fix sunken and settled commercial sidewalks or walkways. Polyurethane foam is a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and durable material that we use to fill voids beneath sunken and settled concrete slabs to return them to their original level. Our concrete lifting process is also fast and efficient; we can lift your sidewalk or walkway in just a few hours, so you can get back to business quickly! Our polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly. It doesn't contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment and is made of partly recycled materials. Polyurethane concrete lifting offers many benefits over traditional concrete levelling methods like mudjacking. It's stronger, resistant to the elements and water and will not be affected by the same issues that cause settlement in the first place. If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to lift sunken and settled commercial sidewalks or walkways on your property, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting today!

Concrete Levelling Commercial Sidewalks
Commercial Sidewalk Sinking

What causes commercial sidewalk to settle?

Commercial sidewalks and walkways are subject to the same issues as other concrete slabs that start to sink and settle. Poor soil compaction, erosion and the freeze/thaw cycle can all contribute to sunken and settled sidewalks.

Poor soil compaction during installation is a very common cause of sinking walkways and sidewalks. When concrete slabs are poured, the soil beneath them needs to be compacted so voids don't form below. If the soil isn't compacted correctly when a sidewalk or walkway is installed, it will not be able to support the weight of the concrete slab, and it will eventually sink, settle, crack and create tripping hazards.

Erosion will also lead to settling commercial sidewalks and walkways. Erosion occurs when there isn't proper drainage around a sidewalk or walkway. Erosion can also occur from heavy rain or snow melt. Again, if there isn't proper drainage around the slab, the water can wash away the soil from beneath the concrete slab and cause them to sink and settle.

The freeze/thaw cycle can also cause concrete settlement. When freezing temperatures cause water in the soil to expand, the ground will push up against the sidewalk or walkway slab. When the temperature rises, this water melts and causes the ground to contract, leaving voids behind the concrete slab. These voids can cause commercial sidewalks and walkways to sink and settle unevenly or even collapse entirely. If you have a commercial sidewalk or walkway that is sinking and settling, Maritime Concrete Lifting can lift and level it quickly and efficiently.