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Concrete Levelling - Parking Lots

Protect your commercial investment.

Parking lots are a significant investment for commercial property owners, and their quality and maintenance can reflect the quality and care that goes into your business. But over time, concrete parking lots can be subject to sinking and settling. To keep your commercial property safe, you should have your parking lot lifted and levelled.

Commercial parking lots usually begin to sink and settle because the ground underneath them is unstable. This can be due to poor drainage or an uneven base—for example, if the ground wasn't properly compacted during installation or there are tree roots growing under it. The result is a softening of the surface on which vehicles drive, which leads to cracks appearing in the surface over time. Concrete settlement can compromise the structural integrity of your parking lot, which means it's no longer safe for vehicles to drive on. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacement, create tripping hazards for customers and employees and even damage vehicles. You may be liable for injuries or damages, so it's important to ensure your parking lot is safe for use. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the best way to fix a sunken and settled parking lot.

Polyurethane concrete levelling is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way for commercial property owners to fix sunken and settled parking lots. Our process is quick and non-invasive, so there is little to no interruption to workflow or services. The polyurethane foam we use is designed to lift, level and support concrete slabs of all sizes, making it perfect for use on commercial parking lots. Aside from being durable and long-lasting, our polyurethane foam is also environmentally friendly. It contains no toxic chemicals that will seep into the ground around it over time and is made of partly recycled materials! If you have a commercial parking lot that needs to be levelled, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting today! We'll have it looking like new in no time!

Concrete Levelling Parking Lots
Parking Lot Settlement

What causes parking lots to sink and settle?

There are a few reasons parking lots sink and settle over time. Heavy traffic from vehicles, poor drainage and erosion and poor compaction during installation are the main causes.
Heavy traffic from vehicles can cause concrete parking lots to sink and settle. The weight of these vehicles causes the ground underneath them to compact over time, which in turn causes the parking lot itself to sink into the ground. This often results in potholes forming around the edges of a lot or even deeper depressions that can cause damage to vehicles when they drive over them.
Poor drainage and erosion can also cause a parking lot to sink. If a parking lot does not have proper drainage, water can pool up on the surface, seep into cracks and erode away the soil below over time. Erosion can also be caused by natural factors such as heavy rain, snow, and high winds. These factors will cause your parking lot to sink, settle and crack.
Improper compaction during installation is another common cause of parking lots sinking and settling as well. If the soil beneath the parking lot is not compacted enough during installation, the subgrade will not be able to support the weight of the slab or vehicles driving over it. Poor compaction will cause the parking lot to sink and settle over time, resulting in cracks and potholes. This can create safety hazards for customers, employees or anyone using the parking lot. If you are a commercial property owner who needs a parking lot lifted and levelled, Maritime Concrete Lifting can help! We can lift your parking lot quickly and ensure it's safe for anyone using it.