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Local: 1 (506) 889-0088Toll-Free: 1-844-543-8123 (LIFT-123)

Concrete Levelling - Roadways

Extend the life of your commercial roadways.

No one wants to drive on cracked and sunken roadways with potholes. If you have a sunken roadway on your commercial property, you should have it lifted and levelled as soon as possible!
Concrete is an excellent material for roads, but it can crack, settle or sink due to many different factors. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles may affect your concrete. If your concrete was poured incorrectly or the soil below wasn't properly compacted, your roadway may sink or settle. Cracks or potholes on the surface of your commercial roadway are an obvious sign that something is wrong. If cracks or potholes get big enough, they can damage vehicles or injure people! The best way to restore your commercial roadways to their original height and ensure they are safe for use is with polyurethane concrete lifting!
Polyurethane concrete levelling is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and durability of commercial roadways that are sinking, uneven or cracked. Polyurethane concrete levelling involves injecting an expanding foam beneath the concrete slab or pavement. The polyurethane foam expands to fill in voids, creating an even surface without damaging the existing slab and lifting it back to its original height. This process can be done without digging up or damaging existing structures like buildings and sidewalks. Because no excavation is involved, this method is much faster than traditional concrete lifting methods like mudjacking and lasts longer too! Our process is fast and efficient, so there is little to no interruption to your commercial property. With a few hours' work, we can return your commercial roadways to their original state! On top of these many benefits, our polyurethane foam is also environmentally friendly. It is made of party recycled materials and contains no chemicals that can harm the environment! If you are looking for the most effective way to lift and level sunken and settled commercial roadways, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting today!

Concrete Levelling Roadways
Concrete Roadways Sinking

What causes roadways to sink and settle?

Commercial roadways sink and settle for various reasons. The freeze/thaw cycle, poor compaction during installation and heavy vehicle traffic are all factors that can cause a commercial road to sink or settle.

The freeze/thaw cycle is responsible for creating heaving in the roadway surface. Heaving is when the surface of the road moves upward as a result of fluctuations in temperature. This can cause cracks and potholes in the road's surface and make it difficult for vehicles to travel on it. This can cause damage to vehicles that you may be liable for.

Poor compaction during installation is another common cause of settling foundations in commercial buildings and roads. When compaction isn't done properly during installation, there will not be enough support for the roadway slab. As vehicles drive on the roadway, the soil below will compact, leaving voids below the slab and causing it to sink and settle. This can lead to cracks and potholes developing in the surface of the roadway through which water can flow into the ground below—causing further settlement issues over time.

Heavy vehicle traffic is also a common cause of commercial roadways sinking or settling over time. Heavy traffic creates additional stress on the roadway, and if there is poor drainage or the soil is not compacted correctly, it will cause the roadway to sink and settle. If your roadway is frequently used by semi-trucks or other large vehicles, additional stress will be put on the roadway slab, which will cause it to sink and settle at a faster-than-normal rate. If you have a sunken and settled commercial roadway, the team at Maritime Concrete Lifting can get it levelled for you quickly and efficiently.