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Have questions about concrete levelling and polyurethane foam? We have answers!

  • What causes concrete to sink and settle?

    Concrete sinks and settles for many reasons. Poor soil compaction during construction, different soil types, tree roots, environmental causes like erosion and the freeze/thaw cycle, the weight of structures and vibrations from vehicles and heavy machinery are all common causes.

  • What can polyurethane foam be used to lift?

    Polyurethane foam can be used to lift and level almost any size concrete slab. It can be used for residential and commercial applications such as driveways, parking lots and garages, walkways, pool decks, foundations and patios. It is also ideal for industrial, municipal and agricultural applications such as warehouse floors, slab floors, roads, highways, workshops, grain bins and silos, barns and more!

  • How long does polyurethane concrete lifting take?

    Polyurethane concrete lifting and levelling is a fast and efficient process. Our team can complete smaller residential and commercial jobs like driveways, sidewalks and walkways in as little as 1-2 hours. Larger jobs like slab floors or building foundations can be completed in about a day. In most cases, the lifted area can be used that same day.

  • Is polyurethane foam safe?

    Yes! Polyurethane foam is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is completely safe for use around your home and public spaces.

  • Do you use heavy machinery on site?

    Our equipment allows us to complete your concrete lifting project with the need for heavy machinery on-site. The process is non-invasive and will not disturb your property or damage your landscaping. All we need is access to water and electricity.

  • Are there any holes left behind?

    No! Once we complete the job, we fill the injection holes, making the entire process almost invisible.

  • Does polyurethane concrete levelling get rid of cracks?

    Polyurethane concrete levelling will not get rid of cracks in your concrete. The cracks in your concrete slab will usually "close up" once the slab is levelled, but they will not disappear completely.

  • Can polyurethane concrete lifting be used on asphalt or paving stones?

    Polyurethane concrete levelling can only be used to lift concrete slabs. Unfortunately, we cannot lift asphalt surfaces or paving stones with polyurethane foam.

  • Is a building permit required for polyurethane concrete lifting?

    Building permits are not required to lift and level your sunken concrete with polyurethane foam. It's not considered a construction project, and it does not affect the structure of the home.

  • How do I schedule a polyurethane concrete lifting project?

    You can request a free estimate on our website, and once all the details are sorted and we have received your signed acceptance of the estimate, we will contact you to schedule the work.

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