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Local: 1 (506) 889-0088Toll-Free: 1-844-543-8123 (LIFT-123)

Concrete Levelling - Basement Floors

Protect your investment in your home.

Are the floors in your home and basement uneven or unlevel? Have you noticed cracks in the walls or separations around doorways and windows? Maybe you have noticed cracks in the exterior foundation walls. If so, you may need your basement floors lifted and levelled.

As homes age, they tend to sink and settle. One of the most common signs your home has settled is cracked and uneven basement floors. Unlevel basement floors can compromise the foundation of your home and lead to cold and damp basements, water leaks from cracks in the foundation walls, sticky windows and doors and cracks in the walls around your home. A compromised foundation can also lead to the eventual collapse of your home! As a homeowner, you want to ensure your home looks its best and protect your investment. But how do you lift and level your basement floors and prevent further settling to your home? Our polyurethane concrete levelling process can efficiently lift your basement floors to their original level, make your home feel more stable and prevent further problems down the road.

Our concrete levelling process is fast, requires no heavy equipment and is environmentally friendly, making it perfect for applications such as basement floors. Polyurethane concrete lifting is an effective solution and is less than half the cost of replacing the basement floor slab with minimal impact to your space. We begin by drilling 5/8 holes in the top of the slab. We then inject polyurethane foam into the holes, filling any voids beneath the slab and lifting the basement floor back to its original height. Once we are done, we patch the holes, making the entire process almost invisible. The fast cure time of polyurethane foam means you can use your basement that same day. It is also environmentally friendly and contains no toxic chemicals, so it is safe for use inside your home. If you have noticed any concrete settlement problems with your basement floors, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting today!

Basement Floor Levelling
Basement Floor Sinking

Why are my basement floors uneven?

Several reasons can cause your basement floor to become cracked and uneven. The natural settlement of your home, poor drainage around your home and an improperly backfilled foundation can all contribute to the deterioration of your basement floor.
The most common cause for cracked and uneven basement floors is the natural settlement of your home. As homes age, they tend to settle into the ground slightly due to the weight of their structure and the materials used in their construction. This settling can cause your basement floor to crack and become uneven. If your home settles too much, it can cause problems with your foundation, which can cause severe issues for your home.
Inadequate backfilling during the construction of your home or repairs done by contractors who use poor-quality backfilling materials can also lead to cracked and uneven basement floors. Poor quality or improper backfilling can lead to erosion problems with your foundation. Backfill helps to support the foundation of your home. If there is insufficient support, your home will settle more than expected, leading to cracks or other structural damage within your basement.
Poor drainage around your home can also cause problems with your basement floors. If water does not drain away from your home properly, water can pool up around the foundation and eventually get underneath it, weakening it over time. This will cause more cracks and damage in your basement flooring system and lead to leaks and mould growth in your home. Water pooling around your home and leaks in your foundation can also compromise the structural integrity of your home. No matter the cause for cracked and unlevel basement floors in your home, the team at Maritime Concrete Lifting can lift and level them and make your home more stable.