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Local: 1 (506) 889-0088Toll-Free: 1-844-543-8123 (LIFT-123)

Concrete Levelling - Porches & Steps

Fix tripping hazards, increase curb appeal.

Are your front steps sinking and pulling away from your home? Is your porch cracked and unlevel? If so, you are probably experiencing concrete settlement and should have it fixed as soon as possible!
Concrete steps and porches are a big part of your home. Over time, like other concrete surfaces, steps and porches can start to sink and settle. You may not think that un-level steps or a cracked porch are a big concern, but once they begin to settle, they tend to keep sinking faster each year. When this happens, your porch or front steps can pull away from your house and become damaged beyond repair. This can lead to them needing to be replaced entirely, which can be very expensive. Sunken and settled front steps and porches can also create safety hazards and seriously decrease the curb appeal of your home. Having your front stairs or porch lifted and stabilized will prevent injury and save you a lot of money in the long run. The best way to fix sinking front steps and settled patios is with polyurethane concrete lifting!
Polyurethane concrete levelling is a fast, affordable and long-lasting way to lift and level front steps and patios. It is the best alternative to concrete replacement and other concrete lifting and levelling methods like mudjacking. The polyurethane foam we use was developed to lift and support concrete slabs. It is resistant to the elements and hydrophobic, so it will not degrade over time and need to be replaced. In most cases, it is a permanent fix for sunken and settled front steps and porches. Our polyurethane foam is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it perfect for applications around your home where pets or children may be present. If you are looking for the best way to lift your front steps or porch back up to its former glory, contact Maritime Concrete Lifting today!

Porch & Step Levelling
Sunken Porches and Steps

Why is my porch or front steps sinking?

Your front steps or porch may be sinking and settling for many reasons. The most common are soil erosion caused by poor drainage, poor compaction during installation or the freeze/thaw cycle.

Soil erosion is a common cause of concrete settlement. When the soil underneath your steps or porch is eroded, it causes the structure to sink and settle. This can happen if you have poor drainage around your front steps or porch. Water will collect under your concrete slab and wash away the soil supporting it. This leaves voids that cannot support the slab's weight and can cause it to sink, settle and crack.

Poor compaction during installation is another common cause of sinking porches and front steps. If the ground is not properly compacted before construction, it will become soft as water drains through it and settles unevenly beneath your structure. This can cause the soil beneath your porch to settle unevenly, creating a void that causes your porch to sink over time, creating tripping hazards.

Freeze/thaw cycles are another culprit for sinking and settling in porches and front steps. This is also known as frost heave and occurs when moisture gets trapped below your front steps or porch during the winter months and freezes. The freezing water expands and pushes up against the front steps or porch, and then as it melts during the spring, it contracts and leaves voids underneath. These voids cause your front steps or porch to sink and settle into the ground. If your front steps or porch are affected by concrete settlement, the team and Maritime Concrete Lifting can have them level again in no time!